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Hay it's me Angel here and I got a question for you guys does anyone know a app that can do animation and can send it to deviantart? And if you guys do then tell me in the comments for Android and also a quick update in ganna do a question and awser of my oc character of Samantha if your intrsted and more art coming soon and later around midnight me and my family are going to Pennsylvania and maybe to go to new York and Hoboken New Jersey to try a cake from a famous tv show on tv. So see you guys soon and new art coming soon.
Hay guys it Angel here and if you look at the title and Art trade is available if you want to do an art trade send me a note and requests are still unavailable, so yeah I am almost out of school on June 3 send me a note if you want to do an art trade.
Hay guys it's me and I need to tell you that I am taking a test called "ACT test" it's a test that can get you into collage. To get into college for free is that you need to get a perfect score witch is about 32 or 36 and I hope I get to college, wish me and my brother good luck :) 
The title saids it of what it is 
Hay guys ah22783 here or Angel that I am and as you look in the title art trade and requests are closed but it well be back soon when I feel like it. The reason why is because I need time to do my own work to do, so I hope you guys aren't mad about it but I am doing them again when I feel like it. Also keep an eye out for 200 watchers special and 17,000 page views special that you guys are gunna love for you boys or girls out there. Thanks 
I just got a valentine from a secret admirer:) :D XD I wounder who it is? 
  • Watching: Back to the future part 2
Marty: ok doc where are we....when are we?!
Doc: according my calculation's we are on Hill valley California, October 21, 2015 :fluxcapacitor: Hoverboard - Icon GIF - Back to the Future 2015Where is my Hoverboard?! - Back to the Future 2015  Pepsi Perfect Icon - Back to the Future - GIF :mcfly: 

Happy 30th "Back to the future"! If you don't know about back to the future, it is about a young man (Michael j fox) and his sciencetist friend (cristapher loyd) take a delorean time machine :bademoticon:  to the year 2015. It's a bit weird that in the movie the Cubs win the World Series and in real life the Cubs win the series?! Can it be conwindsadince? Tell me in the comment below and I will see you in the future :fluxcapacitor: 
Hay guys it's Angel here and I am looking for someone to do rp with someone to do Pokemon rp. If you are interested please comment below and if you want send me a note.
Hellos my fellow watchers an deviants, if you a reading this then you come to the right place :) if you like doing rp than this is for you! The rps that I will be doing will be listed below and the once that I don't do, so any ways send me a note if you want to do roleplay!

Roleplay that I will do: 
sex, fan made, fnaf, video games, anime, movies,tv shows, mlp, and furry

Rps that I won't do:

blood, galore, murrder, tortcher, violence 
Naruto Dancing Anime Emoji (Oh yay dance) [V2]  If you like watching anime than this is for you! Here is the link to it Link:… And you can also watch it here link: you can watch anime anime as you like Sao, pokemon, hamtaro but I am not sure if there is hentai in it Sweating a little... ADJ - Himawari Blush  so if you are reading this that start watching it :) XD